[1.2.3] Highlighter - Alternativ til improved chat

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[1.2.3] Highlighter - Alternativ til improved chat

Postby RLarsen » 15 Mar 2012, 23:34

stødte lige på dette mod som ser ud til at blive et godt alternativ til improved chat som ikke altid bliver opdateret lige hurtigt

Man kan ikke scrolle i chatten endnu med highlighter, men det er noget han arbejder på

http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/109 ... y-fraserk/

What is it?
This mod is a client only mod that adds additional features to the standard SMP chat to make it better!

What features does it have?
When someone says your name in chat, that message is coloured green making it easier to see who is talking to you.

You can set nicknames for your self so when people say your nickname in chat it highlights that message green (nicknames are also saved to a file, are server independent but also player dependent).

You can subscribe to people so all their messages are coloured. You can even customise each persons colour (only standard minecraft colours are available: hexidecimal 0-F).

When you whisper to someone a message appears on your screen telling you to who and what you sent. You can even use "/t " instead of "/tell " for quicker use.

When whispering to someone you can press the Right Arrow key to auto-complete their name.

You can quickly "retype" your previously sent messages by pushing the Up and Down arrows to cycle through your messages, just like in your favourite console app.

Ignore Function
Chat logging
Wrapping of colours

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